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Digital Projects - 2D

Research and Design

Paintings & Murals:

Trump Plaza - Palm Beach,

Parker House - Palm Beach,

Harbour Marine Electronics, PB

Kemmons Wilson's Orange Lake Country Club

Cafe al' Fresco Restaurant, Boca

Cafe Americana Restaurant, Orlando

Shucker's Too Restaurants, Florida

Johnson Rockridge Estate, Louisville

Waldeck Farms:The Main House, Ky

Prisant Residence

Internet, Intranet and WWW:

VNU, Inc. Nielsen Media

Ripley Entertainment, Inc.

Peter Williams, Inc.

Kentucky Derby Museum Giftshop

Keane, Louisville, Ky

SoftNetworks, Inc. San Jose, CA

Presenter.com, San Jose, CA.

Deloitte & Touche, LLP.

U&I Software, llc. San Francisco

Zeros & Ones, Inc. Westlake, CA.

Walt Disney Pictures and Television

Gordon Communications, Inc.

Neotech: City of Glendale- Online

Interactive Multi-Media & CDs:

AND Communications Inc:

Spain Olympic Kiosks

Getty Museum.

Neotech: Kaiser Hospital Kiosks

Synapse: IBM and Apple Education

Home Equity Finance

David Tolley

HBO Film Profiles.

Activision & Alien Technology Computer Animation.

Rowland, Golant, Martin, Seldon & Ashen Graphics.

Television & Film:

PBS/South Florida Public Telecommunications, Inc.

QUBE - Warner Amex Cable Communications:

Incue - Research for HBO Profiles Show.

Walt Disney Pictures, “Secretariat”

Architecture Projects - 3D

Research and Design

Architecture & Interior Design:

Gus Duffy, Architect. for

   Levico Way, BelAir Estate Homes.

Craig Semingson, Architect for Dominican Hospital.

Fashion Institute of LA /CRI -

Kemmons Wilson - Holiday Inn Founder.

  Wilson Enterprises, Tn.

Long's Business Interiors, Miami.

Petit Contract Interiors, Palm Beach.

Sales Environments, Inc., LA.

Doctor Altman Offices in Palm Beach & Boca Raton.

Lee-Larson, Chicago.

Raymond, James & Associates, PB

Michael Bryant, for Dominoes

Southeast Interiors & Sunpoint Financial Center.

Doody Company International Store Planning, Columbus

Location Based Entertainment (LBE):

Architecture & R&D

Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale:

  Tokyo Disneyland

  Walt Disney World Florida

  EuroDisneyland   Disney MMC Group.

Sequoia Creative, Inc by Syd Mead:

Dr. Jeekahn's in Shibuya, Japan

Universal Studios/MCA, Orlando, FL

Kentucky Derby Festival, Louisville, KY

Virtual Reality Centers:

Edison Brothers Entertainment,

St.Louis, Mo, for Star Trek Centers

McBride Company, Miami, Fl:

  Blockbuster Virtual Reality Center

  Virgin Records- San Francisco

Theater, Scenic & Display Design:

Burt Reynolds Jupiter Theatre, Fl.

Presentation South & Disney WED.

Image International, Orlando.

La Casa Ropa and La Tierra, Orlando.

Center Theater - Star Trek Costumes.

Lexington Scenic Painting and Props.

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